A Fun & Affordable eBike

I hesitated to buy an eBike, but one company made the purchase affordable and the ride fun.

I’m a purist when it comes to cycling, which means that I prefer muscling through my rides on my own accord rather than getting a boost from a motor. At 62, however, and with tens of thousands of miles on these legs (not to mention that I pedal almost daily in the mountainous region where I live), eBikes caught my eye. 

I had some experience with eBikes. I had pedaled them on various river cruises (I run a site called, and I rented a Specialized Turbo Levo Comp for riding on trails here in Asheville, North Carolina. Though enjoyable, the latter’ s $6,000 price tag was a luxury that I could not justify, for now anyway. Plus, I learned that eBikes aren’t allowed on most trails and on many gated forest roads in Western North Carolina. With those regulations limiting where eBikes can be used, the $6,000 eBike lost its luster. See Challenges with eBikes. 

Then I discovered an eBike that was too good to pass up. Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes bills itself in this way:

We are firm believers that getting an electric bike should be attainable for everyone. This is why we are leading the charge in affordable eBikes without any hidden fees.

Lectric Bikes website

I took the plunge. For $900, including shipping to my home, the Lectric XP (for Experience) arrived fully assembled. I simply needed to unfold it, charge the battery and head out for a spin. It was love at first pedal (assist). 

This isn’t a review of the Lectric XP. You can find thorough reviews elsewhere online. This is simply a post to convey that  I love my Lectric XP. I use it for both errand and “recovery” rides. On days when I don’t feel like huffing and puffing in the mountainous region where I live, I straddle the saddle of the Lectric XP for pedal-assist. It gets me out on days when I might have otherwise stayed in.

At 6’5” the bike fits me well, which was a surprise, given that the bike has 20-inch wheels. And it’s a pleasure to ride.

But the bike’s highest accolades go to the company behind it. Lectric Bikes  cuts out the middle man – giving consumers like us more value for our money. Lectric Bikes’ customer service is phenomenal. They helped me resolve a few issues with my bike quickly and efficiently. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

I’m still considering whether I want to purchase new 1-UP components to carry the 60-pound bike on my Boldt. For now, the Lectric XP is giving me miles of pleasurable riding from home, and I hope many more miles ahead.

Lectric XP
Great for tooling around or ‘recovery’ rides.