2020 Boldt 70KL Connectivity

AT&T Unlimited, Verizon & T-Mobile

How do you stay connected?

I questioned needing the Boldt’s built-in WiFi, but after using it for a few weeks, I signed up for the 2-year plan for $380.

That’s a little less than $16 per month for unlimited data, so I was motivated by the pricing. But also I found that that the Boldt’s built-in WiFi was useful on several occasions. In fact, I’ve consumed 18 gb in the three weeks since signing up for a one-month plan on January 4. Yes, I could set up hotspots using my phone, but the AT&T plan is convenient. And I am not sure but it seems that ”Hey Mercedes” uses internet. Maybe someone smarter than me has the answer.

ATT Unlimited Data

My work requires that I stay connected. I have an iPhone with dual SIMs. My eSIM is with T-Mobile. I’m part of a family plan (still paying for the kids!) and my share is about $40 a month. In addition, I have a prepaid Verizon physical SIM card. For 16gb of data, I pay about $45 a month. Verizon kept me connected at several locations in Florida where neither T-Mobile nor AT&T would work (Juniper Springs, for example).

The cost of all these plans adds up, of course, but only to around $100 a month. If it weren’t for work, I wouldn’t need all of this.
Do any of you have the need to stay connected? And if so, how do you handle it?