2020 Boldt 70KL Customization

Custom Sheets For The Boldt

How to order custom-made sheets that won’t break the bank for your Boldt.

I have ordered custom sheets for my 70KL from AB Lifestyles in Iva, South Carolina. When the sheets arrive, I’ll provide photos. For now, just in case you’re interested in measurements, configurations and prices, I’m providing those here.

I ordered my Sage custom sheets from AB Lifestyles in Iva, South Carolina.

You’ll need two custom sheet sets. One for the passenger-side bed: measurements 26 x 81 x 6. And another sheet set for the driver’s side bed: 26 x 74 x 6. The sheet sets come with custom made fitted sheets, top sheets and pillow cases. Cost for both sheet sets, $108 shipped.

I also ordered two fitted sheets to cover the bolsters. That way, we can create one large bed by using both bolsters. Or we can use one bolster (as Tamera likes to do) and leave an aisle for those late-night trips to the bathroom. Measurements: 7 x 74 x 6. Cost for both: $37, shipped.

We ordered one additional top sheet to cover the driver’s side bed and two bolsters. It measures 41 x 74 x 6. Cost $24 shipped. 

Customer service was great in helping me configure. I’ll provide photos once I receive them. Here’s a link to the set I customized at AB Lifestyles.